SSA Surveyors​

Our SSA Surveyors would provide a high-quality report with integrity
to comply with requirements on a single principal basis.

Our reputation covers work in most areas of Indonesian Waters with
unique characteristics in correlation with international and local rules
implemented by Indonesian Seacom in the valid maritime law and


Hull and Machinery Survey

The Hull and Machinery Insurance covers damage to the hull and
machinery that may happen to a ship in various cases in accordance
with the Institute Time Clauses in the specific Marine Hull Policies.
SSA Surveyors attend on behalf of H&M Underwriters to determine
the cause, nature, and extent of damage.

Our reports are submitted to provide reports with detailed
investigations regarding navigation, ship management, collision,
grounding, or contact incidents, damage assessment, salvage
assessment, loss prevention, repair supervision, approval of repair
specification, and review of repair invoices related to the hull
construction, and machinery, also to concern with the loaded cargo if
the general average is raised.


Protection and Indemnity Survey

The P&I Club is a mutual insurance system, to provide protection and
indemnity related to the third-party liability for the Ship Owners as the Members.

SSA Surveyors with suitable experience and expertise to expedite the
investigation in the full range of incidents or circumstances and the
extent of damage where the Members’ liabilities may stand exposed,
to protect Members’ interests and cover liability in the event of an


Cargo Survey

The Independent Cargo Surveyor is required to attend on-site to
ascertain preliminary stowage and cargo plan, monitor and monitor all
stages of loading, and securing of cargo holds.

The loss or damaged cargo survey should be managed by the attending
surveyor in the collection of evidence, and the quality of evidence is far
more important than quantity.